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Easy and works great

I switched from Windows to Mac a couple years ago. When I travel, I shoot with 2 cameras. On Windows, it’s easy to sort the images by date/time, so that I can look at all of them in order. On my Mac, however, there’s no way to do that. Apple’s file management leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. But, this app worked great to rename all my images with the date/time as the beginning of the file name. Now when I sort by name, they are exactly in the order I took them. Yay. And, I’m not at all a geek, but this was easy to install and super easy to use. Thanks to the developers for creating a great product. And for only a buck, wow!

Worked Once

For the initial batch of photos it seemingly worked. However, every batch after that it says it doesn’t have rights to edit. Despite that they’re all in the same directory, have identical rights, and are from the same source. Another huge issue is that it freezes if I do more than one thing. If I add photos twice or if there is an error I have to click out of, I’ll get the spinning pinwheel and eventually have to Force Quit.

Doesn’t seem to actually edit exif data

The app is easy enough to use, but it doesn’t seem to actually accomplish what it’s intended to do—namely, edit exif data. I was able to use the app to supposedly set various date and location exif metadata values on old photos that didn’t have any. However, whatever the app may have done didn’t get recognized as exif by other apps (for example, when using the “Get Info” feature in the MacOS Preview app or when uploading photos to Google Photos). I tried a different exif editor app, and the exif metadata it set for the same photos was indeed recognized as exif by other apps.

I want to love it but...

UPDATE 7/26/2018: I’ve tried several times to overcome the write error, the freezing, the non-overwriting original filename, etc. and this program just does not let me complete my work using what it advertises as its capabilities. I still want to believe this program can be great but it needs a deep updating to fix the bugs listed below! ==== ORIGINAL 7/25/2018: It seems like a robust interface but there are some problems that need addressed: 1. The startup screen is pegged and immovable so good luck dragging and dropping from the finder on a 13” MacBook Pro. How about just an normal movable screen or better yet, make the icon in the tray droppable? 2. Why can I only “drop a pin” in San Francisco? Why can’t I have the location set on the map and drop the pin in the center of the map viewport so I don’t have to zoom out and grab the pin from San Francisco, move it across the globe, and then zoom in, grab pin and drop, zoom in, grab pin and drop, zoom in, grab pin and drop on final location? 3. I can’t get this program to overwrite the original file with the original file name. As much as I think I’ve programmed the changes to be “original location” and the program tells me in a help tip that it WILL overwrite the original if the filename is the same, I instead get “ (1)” added before the .suffix. Why? I just want the same file name with the updated EXIF metadata applied. Simple (yet it’s not!) 4. Customizable date format. Many are provided, yet good luck trying to use YYYYMMDD. Just let me specify the character build by using variables like “YYYY” for the four digit year, or “YY” for two, etc. 5. Writing the new files often (50% of the time) produces an error that I don’t have access to the storage location. I always put the edited photo back in the source folder which is a location on my hard drive. How can it not have access to write?? Trying a second time by pressing Start Process just produces the infamous beachball which leaves me no choice but to Force Quit and loose all my editing! THIS ONE IS MOST FRUSTRATING!! What I love: 1. Presets for common copyright, owner, etc. data 2. Feature-rich choices for the most common and some obscure metadata Please work on the items listed above (1.-5. —> 5. AS THE NUMBER ONE BUG BIX) in the next release, and thank you for a good (can be great!) program.

Intuitive? Are you kidding me??

Intuitive to me means: I launch the software, ignore the “getting started”, open a file (worked), edit some fields (worked), save (did not work, got a permission error), check if it did the job (did not work since I got an error at the previous step). Now I have to call support… I think I just discard the app and say goodbye to my money...

No support for Olympus raw - .orf

Obvious problem is no support for Olympus raw (.orf) files. Can only use with .jpg and .tif. files. Just purchased and so cannot yet evaluate other user complaints.

Little Engine that Could for a Dollar

I only needed to change the date to 300 photos since my camera was inaccurate. To me, this worth a dollar for me even with the issues. While performing this one operation, the app hung indefinitely mutliple times and I had to terminate it. I eventually learned that it is best to completely close the application and start over between operations. It seems to get one thing done right before it crashes. The other thing I found annoying is that I had to set all of the date/time change parameters for each of the “Original”, “Creation”, and “Modification” dates. A “same as” option here seems obvious IMHO. In conclusion, this app needs some TLC but I am thankful for it and I think it was well worth my dollar.

Crashes everytime

I bought this for one simple edit. I need to edit the data for the creation date. Every time i try, it crashes. I’ve tried reporting this to their support, but no response.

Works fairly well, but nags you a lot

Works fairly well for paying 99 cents, but nags you a lot for ratings and links to other apps and stuff. Very bothersome on that front for a paid app.

Basics Only

I work in machine vision and use a lot of extended exif stuff like CIPA Multi-Picture Format and MakerFormat info - if you want want more than the basics, this thing doesn't seem to have a clue - for a 99c backup validator its ok, buts its just plain stupid

Exactly what I needed…..but

Works great for changing dates on photos to view/sort them but…because there are so many options it can be hard to get what you want right away - it’s easy to forget to set a check box or something. So, I’d end up going back and forth a few times and it’s VERY irritating that the program does not automatically save your photos to the folder you had chosen the first time. You have to navigate to enter in the destination folder each time. A simple change would make this much more efficient to use.

Works Great but...

Nice interface and batch mode but why not do videos as well? Please add this capability!

Quick and easy

I was stuck for some Exif editing tool. Found a lot of the free stuff confusing before discovering this in the app store with some decent reviews. Installed, followed intuitive GUI and it worked well. What more can I say?

Truly Excellent and User Friendly

This is really a five-star app compared to the other apps I have seen. The only reason I gave it four starts is because there are some little things that should continue to be worked on. For instance, there is a way to select all or delect all in a batch, but you have to look for it a bit. A button like that should be somewhere around the batch. Also, there is no way to remove a photograph from a batch or add a photograph to a batch. At least that I have found yet. Currently, you have to select a photo in a batch and then click remove. You should also be able to just right click and select remove. So in other words, these features are there. Saying that there is no way to add or remove isn’t really accurate. You can do everything. But there could be some redundant buttons and menu items in order to make every step completely obvious to every type of user. I’ll put it like that. So call me crazy, but I like the app so much I only gave it four stars in order to motivate the developer to continue improving it through redundant features to increase the already high amount of user friendliness. All that said, this is an amazing value.

360 Panoarama Metadata Support?

My bad for buying this without checking but it appears that this doesn not support injecting 360 panorama metadata tags that are needed for 360 photos in Facebook. Check for yourslef but I couldn’t find them. Why won’t it let you add custom tags?

Some annoyances and limitations

Annoying: (as others have reported) The modal window in the beginning that you can’t move. When you are initially loading your images, you have to wait for this window to go away. Also, there is no indicator of the import process, so it looks like the app is frozen for a minute while it is importing. Limitiation: It doesn’t seem to allow batch time changes. You can shift the date this way (like if you forgot to change the date on your camera, etc.). But you can’t do incremental/decremental time changes… odd.

Does Just what I want it to.

Simple to use JPG Meta data editor. I like it.


Haven’t used all features, but works for those I have. Great deal for the price.

not fully what it claims

works for dates settings, however GPS coordinates didn’t apply when changing… not living up to its pitch

Does not work with Apple Photos

I cannot drag a photo directly from Apple Photos into Photos exif editor. I can drag a photo from a finder window, but I wanted something that can work directly with the Apple Photos interface. Is there some setting that I have missed?

Much easier to use than other EXIF editors

Had to find a good EXIF editor as High Sierra broke my Photoshop CS5 and 6, and I refuse to use Adobe’s subscription model. This does the job quite easily and quickly. Takes a bit of trial and error at first to make sure the proper fields are being edited properly, but once you nail down the process, it is quite good. Not perfect, but quite good. Definitely worth the buck.

STILL does not Geocode!

The single feature I need. Update STILL does NOT save edited GPS data. C’mon guys, it’s been weeks and its a feature you tout. May still DELETE EXISTING GPS data from photos, but I’m not being fooled again. This is with the option “Only modify fields that I edit and keep others as-is” I lost GPS data from 300+ photos before I found this


no support for fuji xe3

Does what it says

It got the job done for me, a buck well spent :)


I can’t get this to process a batch of 330-odd pictures. When it starts to save, I see a spinner….which never stops. I have tried multple times. Is there a file limit I’m hitting?

Good App

Godd app fits my needs. you get what was promised

Nagging me to leave a rating every single time I save

This stupid app works but every single time I save it nags me to leave feedback. HERE’S YOUR FEEDBACK KNOB HEADS

Does not read Sony .ARW files; freezes

I should have saved my $.99 — it doesn’t read files from current Sony cameras (alpha 7 ii or alpha 7R iii). Apart from that fatal flaw, it froze about 50% of the time, which means it took me even longer to discover that it didn’t reda my files.

Nags to leave rating and displays interfering modal windows always

Yes you can edit EXIF. No it is not efficient to do so. App needs workflow improvements—judging from existing annoyances I don’t expect those to come with updates. Massive advertisement for premium help in the top right corner of app—for example. I paid the price you asked for the app; get out of my way and let me do the work I expected I’d be able to do.

No support for sony .ARW

I’d give it 5 stars if it did sony raw files

Freezes often, nags to provide rating

After a few batches, the app will freeze on both my iMac and my MacBook Pro. The first few batches work OK, but after 3 or 4 the app freezes while initiating Exif changes. The app is an insufferable nag, constantly requesting you to rate it. What’s more important is that it’s missing some IPTC fields. There is no IPTC creation date field. The Apple Photos app uses the IPTC creation date for sorting purposes. Batch changing in Photos only adjusts +/- from the first selected photo’s date instead of actually putting your desired date into the IPTC data. If you have a bunch of photos with different IPTC creation dates, the result is a mess of dates. This feature would be a useful addition to the app.

Does what it says!

The program is great at doing what it says. I used it to change the dates on a lot of photos that I had scanned into the computer. The one feature I’d like is to be able to select or deselect multiple photos at once, rather than one by one. Perhaps it has this feature but it wasn’t intuitive for me.

No Filter- 75,000 images in photos and no ability to filter for bad dates

If you can’t find the photos with obviously inncorrect dates (12/31/1969) how can you possibly change them?

Dosen't work on Fuji RAW

Won't recognize the files from my XE3 so its basically useless to me.

Great for analog!

The reason I bought this app was for the presets: I can create the profiles for each of my cameras (a Rolleiflex from the 50’s, a Voigtländer from the 30’s, a Rolleicord from the 30’s, my trusty old Canon A1, and my dad’s old Voigtländer from 1956), and then as I chug through scanning all the negatives, not just what I take now, but all my dad’s old photos, I can really easily add the essential info before importing to or wherever else the files go. Really great, and super simple to use. Buy it!

Stop spamming for review

On every single save. Stop spamming!

There is no excuse in this day and age for software so poor

limited, overly perscriptive in the workflow.. The dollar I wasted is far less than the cost of the time I wasted trying this out.

No Timezone Change

I just wanted to use this shift the time on each of my photos by a set number of hours — a simple timezone shift. Doesn’t appear possible with this program. I could be missing it, but, if so, that’s becuase the help website is not at all helpful.

Basic, does the job

Nice to be able to do it on an individual or batch basis. The UI is a bit clunky, using its own components instead of what Apple provides, but you get used to it.

Good application - works well

Would like to see EXIF date entry with more options. Copy original date to creation date and modify date with one click.


The application works fine. It is infuriating that after everything you do it comes up with “If you enjoy using Photos Exif Editor, would you mind taking a moment to rate it?”. Everything. There is no way around it. You have to respond to this before you can proceed. If the application removes this nag then I will update the review. It is a paid application after all and I do not wish to be nagged.

Exactly what I was looking for!

It cost less than a can of coke and saves me a bunch of time and hassle. Thanks!

That’s What You Get For Nagging Me

Would have gotten a higher score if it didn’t insist on nagging me to review the software after every single save. Or maybe not; it really does rank a 3. It doesn’t handle the full range of XMP values. It’s batch-oriented which is annoying…even if you work on single images, it still handles them like a batch. The workflow in general is just not that clean. But it’s only 99 cents. It’s not Phil Harvey’s exiftool-level of power, but unlike that, at least it’s a GUI. I’m still waiting for someone to build the ultimate Exif/IPTC/XMP GUI editor for the Mac, tho.


FAST ACCURATE! What else!!?? Thanks Guy!! I hope you can take this in a different direction and use a “Search: Exif” to reindex an HDD Full of photos but somehow the indexing got messed up.


This APP is outstanding. I am scanning in a number of my older photgraphs and it is great for adding and editing EXIF data.

Actually works.

Tested this against a couple other apps with similar features and this is the one that removes the most metadata. Across the board.

Very useful

I use it to add the EXIF data about the lenses I use, since they are older and not coded. It works very well for that. It’s a good idea to read the documentation first.

Works but Destroys GPS data and naggy

Use it merely to add copyright info to photos I put on my blog. Doesn’t actually edit the photos I import but copies them and then adds the info. Wasteful. Also asks every time if I really want to perform this action and no way to turn that off. Also asks to be rated Every Single Time I Use It again with No way to turn that “feature” off. For its price I guess those are small (but repeatedly annoying) issues to quible over.UPDATE: Now I see that, even though I have the “Choose Editing Option” setting as “Only modify fields that I edit and keep others as is” this app apparently deletes the EXIF GPS data in my files! Do the test, open file in app and see GPS data. Change only one non-GPS field (I only added copyright info). Run conversion. Open new file and see that there is now NO GPS DATA. Horrible!

Is PERFECT for fixing Olympus EXIM issues for WP

I have a very specific use for this product, and it’s been fantastic. Wordpress reads EXIM data to create a permalink, and in the case of Olympus Cameras, it reads some odd text that causes really goofy permalinks to be created. Using this tool allows me to remove the junk and create permalinks that make sense and work with the photo. I couldn’t be happier.

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